Creative ways to Use Microsoft PowerPoint when you don’t have Illustrator!

July 16th, 2013

PowerPoint gets a bad rap sometimes. There are entire sites dedicated to PowerPoint bashing. I may be in the minority but I am a huge fan of PowerPoint. Ever since one of my friends in school showed me how she uses it as a tool to create posters I was hooked! If you’re not an Illustrator or Photoshop pro – never fear! PowerPoint is here! You need to get comfy with seeing it in a new way so watch a quick video tutorial on how to use its drawing tools and how to adjust paper size and orientation. There are tons on YouTube.


1. Create a certificate – the very first certificate template created by myself for this site was done in PowerPoint! Ah happy memories!  Use the drawing tools to create an interesting border or find some online and insert them in. Change colors and fonts, add a seal and you’re done! All you need to find is that special someone to gift it to!


2. I also use it on a regular basis to conduct workshops. It’s a easy way to transfer large amounts of information in bullet points on a PowerPoint presentation slide. It engages the participants and helps them take down important notes.


3. Create a slide show – no need to change settings here. Just add music, include photos and maybe even video links and you will have a moving and touching slide show for your best friends bridal shower or graduation party. Warning: this can take time. I usually start weeks in advance. Try to include comments from friends and family – especially those who cannot make it. If a particular family member has passed on even including a picture of them to remind the person how proud they would have been of her can sometimes be a nice touch – just use your discretion on this one!


4. Party banner – use each slide to create a single letter or an entire banner. Download a cool looking font and some pretty free clip art or vector graphics and you’re all set for a personalized banner that everyone will be asking you about. Stick a picture of the special person in there as a goofy touch!


5. Create a poster! Change the paper size to whatever your local printer says is it’s poster size and start including photos, text boxes (the speech bubble tools are great for this!) and call outs. You can add boxes to hold your images and change the “fill” and “outline” to make it really stand out.


Now you know why I LOVE and still use PowerPoint. Do you have any interesting and creative ways to use PowerPoint? Leave us a comment and share with us your PowerPoint skills.



5 creative and personlized wedding gift ideas for your best friend

July 8th, 2013

It’s unbelievable how time flew past so fast and now it’s time for one of us to walk down the aisle. Celebrating my best friend’s wedding is a special occasion and it needs a special gift.

It has to be extra extra special because I am the Matron of Honor. I am excited, anxious and happy.

I wrote down 5 gift ideas I thought was personal and also won’t leave a hole in my wallet. Being my generous self I decided to share it with you here.

1. Create a video montage of your friendship. You can put together photos/video clips of your special memory with her and create a timeline up to the wedding date. That is something that will last a life time.

2. Post wedding stress is a killer. At least that’s what I found out after my own wedding.  Gift them a stress busting gift. You can gift the couple a coupon or gift voucher to a spa or massage.

3.Post cards, cards are old fashioned. This is my perceptive! You can put together a special wedding certificate online and personalize it with a note for the couple.

4.Throw her the best wedding shower ever. Invite all her closest friends and family  and create a theme you know she loves.

5. Go on a “girls” only trip with all her closest friends. It’s a “pre wedding anxiety killer”. Does that make sense? I am sure it does! Relax, unwind over a glass of wine and catch up with all the good times all of you had together.

I think I’m done here. I need to run off to finish my “Matron of Honor” duties. Enjoy planning your best friend’s wedding and gift ideas. Share with me your creative gift ideas and plans. It will help us all for future surprises.

5 Creative ways to use Instagram

July 4th, 2013

I must confess that I am a Instagram-holic. Life wouldn’t be the same for me without Instagram. It’s a way of revealing my creative side to the world. The fun part of it is the editing of images with filters and responding to comments and likes. I’ve come up with 5 creative ways to use Instagram and I am sharing them with you.

1. I use Instagram to connect with people who have similar interests. I love cooking. I have to Instagram my favorite recipes before I eat. I follow food accounts which enables me to keep myself updated on new recipes with actual images.

2. I use my Instagram images to create photo frames and stickers for my friends. It’s a personalized gift.There are several apps that allow you to print your images. Prinstagram, provides you with options to print your own Instagram photos as beautiful and presentable mini albums, posters and stickers.

3. You can use your Instagram pictures to upload them to an online greeting card. It’s so creative and an effortless gift to give.

4. My online socializing became just so easy now with a click on Instagram which allows pictures to be shared to many social media networks .

5. I gifted my best friend a picture collage using my Instagram images. She absolutely loved it. It’s the perfect way to make and save memories.

So there you have it. Now you know why I love Instagram!
Leave us a comment and let us know how else YOU use Instagram!

A Big NO NO to Requests for College/Educational Institutional certificates

July 3rd, 2013

We get several requests per week from folks who have ‘lost’ their diplomas or certificates from an educational institution and they would like us to replicate it.

There is absolutely no way we can even dream about doing this. This has been our policy since day one!

If you have lost your diploma or certificate from your college or school, please contact them directly and ask for a replacement.

However we do offer custom certificate design services to educational institutions that would like us to re-design their award certificates.

Thank you for using

Clip Art Fascination

June 28th, 2013

Whether you want to create your own garage sale flyers, pump up your classroom newsletter, or create some great looking party invitations, the world of digital clipart is full of great ideas and inspiration. For me, I love to create custom greeting cards and posters/collages for friends and family so having a source for beautiful pictures is really important, especially since I am still learning Illustrator and Photoshop. I know, I know! Going through the thousands of sites can be a huge task, so I’ve compiled a list of my top favorites!

1.This is my Favorite site for clipart. I absolutely love it.
This website not only features free clipart, but it allows graphic artist the ability to show off their artwork and get recognition for it. The clipart on this site are unique and creative. The site is easy to use and very simple.

The site is simple and easy to use with lots and lots of fun clipart!

3.If you’re looking for informative clipart this is the site to visit. It has a huge variety of clipart such as curriculum clipart, themed clipart ,office clipart etc.

4. By far, this site has the most number of clipart varying from geological places , Mythical Beings, Sign language.

Do you have any clipart sites you love to visit? Please leave a comment below and share the link with us!
I hope this was useful!

Happy clipart weekend!

11 interesting DIY gifts for Father’s Day

June 14th, 2013

Every year my kids and I think of various gifts we can buy! How can we surprise him? What are the store specials? What can we get online? So many choices!
This time my youngest daughter aged 9 suggested that we do a DIY for Father’s day. I was impressed! After several brain storming sessions with my two little girls, we came up with new and refreshing ideas!
I have come up with 10 interesting and budget friendly ideas for Father’s day.

1.Make a collage; write down 10 different things you love about your Father.Add pictures and clip arts to it’
2.Make him a homemade post card with a little note telling him how much you love him.
3.Rent out his favorite movie and watch it together.
4.Make him a “Daddy Daughter Frame” with a picture of a memorable moment captured together.
5. Gift him a special “I love my Dad” certificate. You can download it for free ONLINE!
6. Get him his favorite soccer jersey
7. Bake his favorite cookies and present it in a jar with a tag card saying “Special treats just for Dad”
8. Make a “My Dad is my hero” mug.
9. Surprise him by making him his favorite breakfast
10. Get him an inspirational poster for his office.

It’s important to teach your kids to value and celebrate special days! Fathers play an equally important role in a child’s life!
I hope this was useful and will help you decide on the perfect gift for your Dad!
Happy Father’s Day!

Fumbles with Social Media #1 – Newsletter Don’ts

May 19th, 2010

Let me start by saying this site was not started with an ‘end in mind’.  I am not an expert on SEO. . I have never used link farms or fake blogs or paid to be reviewed by anyone. Don’t get me wrong. This was not motivated by some high moral standards – rather this was due to a lack of time on my part and a need to just do what felt fun or what absolutely needed to be done.

As the site grew I decided perhaps it would ‘behoove’ me to attend some free classes on how to actually ‘market’ the site properly. Whatever that means. And so I did. And I decided as a first step to implement a mailing list. Not for the purposes of promoting the site or worse, selling the list (ugh!) but for informing users of the site of cool things I found online or other free offers.

Somewhere down the line I read about how it’s NOT good to promote oneself and so on the second newsletter I decided to promote other sites and cool freebies. Bad idea. I was informed by the service I use for the mailing list that the site had a higher than normal rate of reports for spam. ME? Spam!?

After taking a few moments to calm down, I realized perhaps people signed up not because they wanted to really hear about other free offers or other cool sites.  Could it be that they actually wanted to hear about what we offer — free certificates? Really? Hmm…[scratching head]

So,  a little confused, and frankly a little afraid to send out a third newsletter, I put the question out to the 10.5 readers who are probably reading this blog – what is that folks might like to see in a newsletter from a site that offers free certificate templates? I’d love to hear your thoughts… just so I don’t get reported for spam again.

The Little Heart – Free Digital Story for Teacher Appreciation Day

May 3rd, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 4 in the United States and we decided to create this whimsical tale about the Little Heart that Wanted to Make a Big Difference. This free digital story was created in PowerPoint as a tribute to teachers everywhere.

Certificate Street to be Featured on the Kim Komando Show!

April 3rd, 2010
The Kim Komando Show

The Kim Komando Show






  We just received an email to say that Certificate Street has been selected to be on the Kim Komando Show’s Cool Site of the Day, on April 7, 2010.


Were thrilled to know that Kim has recognized our work.


The Kim Komando Show
The Kim Komando Show

Video: How to Create an Award Certificate Template

March 29th, 2010

Last week we did a blog post on how to create your own free certificate templates. For those of you who are more visual learners, we also decided to do this quick video using a free online application called ScreenToaster. It was really easy to use and we didn’t even need to create an account.

Unfortunately it doesn’t record audio but the steps are fairly simple. If you need some help though you can refer to our earlier blog post on how to create your own certificate template using PowerPoint.

Watch the Video: How to create a free certificate template