My Top 3 Sites for Sending e-Cards

September 8th, 2008 | by Suki |

While I’m all about writing AND receiving thank you cards (especially if they are on gorgeous stationery!) I don’t often have the time to do that. Many of my friends and family are overseas and even though I set reminders on my cell phone, my outlook calendar, my gmail calendar etc I still tend to remember their birthdays and anniversaries on the day of.

I have shoeboxes full of note paper and cards hidden in every conceivable spot (under my bed, in my office closet, in my office drawer, in my linen closet!!) My husband has threatened to get me a therapist for my paper product obsession, my “stationery fetish” as he calls it! More about that in another article!

While I will still try to follow up with a personal paper card I often turn to the following sites when I want something cute!

1. – they have some of the classiest and elegant cards on the market – not your stereotypical flashy stuff. I’ve been using them for years and they are still my number one go to site. They have all your traditional birthday, anniversary, get well and congratulations cards. They used to be completely free but I’ve noticed recently that they have some premium ones and you also need to sign up for an account – but again it’s free and the registration process is painless. I highly recommend them for quality e-cards.

2. – I found out about them while poking around Hallmark’s site one day. This is basically a cross between a personalized scrapbook, photo album and e-greeting. They have some gorgeous templates and I’ve used them to create cards and even presentations for birthdays, graduations, thank you’s and even birthdays. My mother who is 60 something years old is a huge fan – so that tells you how simple and easy the interface is to use. I often get a smilebox from her filled with photos of a special occasion or of the gift or basket of flowers I’ve sent to her. If you want to make someone feel special this is a great site to try. They have a huge variety of templates and depending on how much time you want to spend you can either create cards that have just a few photos or several dozen. You can then select the type of music you want to accompany the book (this is important!) from their preselected choices or you can pay a little extra and select your own from their library.

3. – I used for years (since I first ‘discovered’ the internet). The verses on their paper cards can be quite meaningful (if you’re OK with sappy stuff!) I stopped using them when they started charging a membership fee but the reason I include them is because they still have some really nice cards. They also have a great section that has completely free wallpaper and screensavers for your computer. Ultra cute stuff! I like to look out for cute wallpaper that are very ‘me’ and often get tons of comments at work about my wallpaper. I currently have a giraffe with a child by a very talented Russian artist.

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