Bill Gates to Start a YouTube for Teachers?

January 29th, 2009 | by Suki |

Bill Gates has announced that the Gates Foundation is planning on creating a website with videos of exemplary teachers in the hopes of inspiring other teachers and helping students learn.

I might not have thought much of this idea had I not seen an A+ teacher in action recently in the UK. Now, I’ve seen teachers teach in different countries but I’ve never seen anyone teach quite like that before. This young teacher was conducting a lesson on Florence Nightingale.

With minimal props and a fantastic accent she ‘became’ Nightingale. The kids were spell bound. They sang about rats, they got up and moved their bodies, they went up to the interactive whiteboard and clicked on adjectives. Not a single child was distracted. It was extremely inspiring.

So yes, I think there’s much to be learned from watching great teachers. I wonder if their crew will travel to the UK?

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