Teacher Appreciation Day – 10 Gift Ideas

May 4th, 2009 | by Suki |

With tomorrow, May 5, being Teacher Appreciation Day in the United States, I thought I’d share some inexpensive and quick ideas for gifts that will make the teachers in your life feel really special.

  • 1. Personalized T-shirts – a little fabric paint, an inspirational quotation and you’ll have a gift that they’ll keep for years (Suggestion: I like “Teaching is a work of heart” under a heart. Don’t worry if you can’t draw, just use a stencil and fill the inside of the heart with x’s and o’s)

    2. Personalized Travel Mug – there are kits that you can buy (I’ve found some really pretty ones that would make great gifts) or you can take a regular coffee mug and customize it with special paint or markers. I covered a silver mug once with intricate scrolls and paisley-ish patterns. It looked like something you could pick up at Starbucks – if I may say so myself! ;)

    3. Creative Slideshows – grab some quotes (feel free to use this PowerPoint template) add some graphics or photos and you’ll have a moving piece. Add some music for additional effect. You can also try smilebox.com for some gorgeous templates.

    4. Gift certificate – try a store that carries items that pamper your teacher (bath products, skin care, luxury candles etc)

    5. Gift basket filled with teacher goodies (pretty post it notes, luscious pens, cute notebooks – I’ve found some ultra gorgeous but inexpensive items at the dollar store or the Dollar Spot section of Target)

    6. Mini notebooks or journals – I’m a notebook/journalaholic. I especially love the pocket sized ones that I can slip into my purse to keep track of grocery lists etc. I noticed some really exquisite bejewelled ones recently at my local Barnes & Noble near the checkout.

    7. A Note – if you have time for nothing else, a sincere note about what makes them a special teacher (use examples and anecdotes) will make their day. Make sure it’s on special paper.

    8.Sweets or Savories – for an absolute last minute gift you can’t go wrong with chocolates or nuts (check if your teacher has any peanut allergies first, of course!)

    9.Baked Goodies – if you’re good at baking try making up little batches of cookies, fudge or granola. Stick them in tins or package them in clear bags with a pretty bow – don’t forget to attach a sticker or note.

    10. A certificate! Couldn’t resist that one :) Print it out on special paper and put it in a classy matted frame. Wood preferably.

  • Teachers often work long hours and go the extra mile just so they can make a difference in a child’s life. They don’t always receive the recognition nor the compensation for all those long nights they spend agonizing about other people’s children.

    There’s no better time than Teacher Appreciation Day to show them that they’re efforts mean a lot to you and your children.

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