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May 15th, 2009 | by Suki |

In the wee hours of Friday morning, we opened the doors to the first phase of our “Awards Store”. Set up through Amazon’s Affiliate program, the store features all kinds of items that will hopefully help you celebrate many kinds of occasions.

The items are hand-picked (by yours truly, of course!) and feature awards, medals, trophies, books and gifts. Prices range from as little as $1.25, for a pack of reward stickers for students, through $600, for a high-end camera for your child who just graduated from fine arts college.

Here are some highlights:

  • packs’ of medals for students who have achieved milestones in everything from reading to music to science
  • ribbons and trophies for your little league games and sports events
  • inspirational bracelets and necklaces that would be perfect for a young girls graduation – they are light enough to mail (I mailed one to my niece in Australia and she was thrilled)
  • cute mugs for teachers with fun sayings – you know they won’t re-gift these!
  • handsome pens for the college professor who’s into writing instruments
  • posh trophies for your outstanding employees – they’ll be proud to display these on their desks!
  • motivational and inspirational books for that thoughtful student who is about to set out on the biggest journey of his life
    …and many more!
  • So when you feel that sometimes a certificate just isn’t enough you now have one place that you can quickly browse through for some ideas. Amazon is a trusted online retailer (I’ve shopped with them for the past 10 years) so you know their products, reviews, prices and customer service can be trusted. I highly recommend reading the customer reviews for each item before you make your own final purchase – they always help!

    Why did we do this? Well, first and foremost, we wanted to help our users find even more ways to celebrate special occasions especially when they’ve achieved a big milestone. Also, every time you purchase something from the store, MyAwardMaker gets a small commission of the entire sale from Amazon. We want to continue to keep the award certificates free so they can be enjoyed by everyone and this is one little way that you can help support the operating costs of the site.

    I hope you find something you like in the awards store and feel free to email me (as I know some of you will) about what else you’d like to see.

    Check out the Awards Store
    Awards Store

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