Teacher Contract from the 1920′s

October 22nd, 2009 | by Suki |

Last night I was going through a stack of Educational Technology textbooks at a friend’s house when I found a reprint of a teacher contract that had us rolling on the floor!

Included in the contract were the following:

Miss ___ agrees:

•    Not to get married. This contract becomes null and void immediately if the teacher 
•    Not to keep company with men
•    Not to ride in a carriage or automobile with any man except her brother or father
•    Not to dye her hair
•    Not to wear less than two petticoats
•    Not to wear face powder, mascara, or to paint the lips

…and on and on!

Wonder what the contracts for male teachers looked like. Hmm…

To see a full copy of a sample contract click here

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