Thanksgiving Project Idea – The Thanksgiving Tree

November 7th, 2009 | by Suki |


If you have an empty bulletin board or a blank wall space in your classroom this season, then you have the ideal spot to “plant” a Thanksgiving Tree. Here’s what you’ll need:

Large piece of brown butcher paper, or 5-6 pieces of brown construction paper

Red, yellow, and orange construction paper cut into 4 squares (1 sheet for every student)



Masking Tape

Tree identification book (optional)

Actual fall leaves (optional)

To begin, make the trunk and branches of your tree from the brown butcher paper or brown construction paper. You can make your tree as tall as your space allows. Add bare branches at the top.

Next, provide each student with four squares of the red, orange, and/or yellow paper. Have the students draw a leaf shape on each paper, making the drawing big enough to fill up most of the paper. They may want to use a tree identification book to find a leaf shape they like, or they could use leaves from the trees outside as a reference.

When the students have finished drawing the leaves, have them cut the leaves out. Instruct the students to choose one leaf and write on it one thing they are thankful for. Do the same for the other three leaves. Have the students write their names on their leaves as well. 

When everyone has finished, it’s time to add a little color to the tree!  Have the students go up one at a time, reading their answers aloud to the class before heading to the tree. Using a piece of tape for each leaf, have them stick the leaves to the tree.

By the time everyone has had a turn, your Thanksgiving Tree will be in its full autumn splendor. Not only will you a colorful symbol of the season, but also a gentle reminder that there is much we have to be grateful for.

Guest Post – Samanth Bell

Image – Adria.Richards

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