Free Character Education Certificate Templates

November 30th, 2009 | by Suki |

Yes, I know it’s very “American” to reward students with certificates for “awesome attitudes” or “perfect attendance.” My sister (who teaches in the UK) and I have very interesting discussions about how the UK and US education systems vary when it comes to things like classroom management and behavior (or behaviour, as she would spell it!) :)

Regardless, I’ve had some wonderful comments from teachers who have used some of the character education certificates including ones that recognize students for bringing up grades, trying harder, leadership, teamwork, bright ideas, being helpful and community service.

Here are some ideas suggested by teachers:

A bug-themed template for ‘bring up grades’ (B.U.G – get it?)
A horse-themed template for “galloping to greatness”
A star award certificate template for being a super star or all star
A space or rocket award template for being “Out of this World”
…Perhaps a little corny but you get the idea!

Feel free to browse through our blank or school certificate template section – just use your imagination, be creative with the titles and you’ll have a unique award certificate template that will make your students smile!

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