‘Twas the day before V day

February 13th, 2016 | by admin |


On the eve of Valentine’s Day I find myself in a very thoughtful mood. As I wander around the garden behind the children, making sure the toddler doesn’t eat any worms or the 5 year old doesn’t accidentally poke the toddler with her makeshift rake, my mind begins to wander…back to two Valentine’s Days that were especially significant for me.

The first is Valentine’s Day 12 years ago when my husband proposed to me. He went all out. Hearts and flowers. The whole nine yards. It was sweet.

As the years passed and this big thing called life took over, Valentine’s Day became less and less important. Until one day years later…

I took a pregnancy test on Valentine’s Day and saw two lines! Those two lines (followed later by another two lines) have since turned into the two terrors that I am now following around in the garden.

Much has changed since then. Those two little ones come first. It’s all about them. Like many young families, between a job that takes up most of his time, and my social media work and craft classes, finding a way to fit in the traditional Valentine’s Day celebrations are something that we just haven’t mastered yet.

And surprisingly I feel okay with that. I am happy instead to walk around our garden, trying to keep up with two pairs of little feet, feeling gratitude for the blessings of two Valentine’s Days past.

Regardless of how you celebrate V day, I hope you are able to take a few moments to spend it with those who make your life meaningful.

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Photo Credit - Philippe Put Flickr


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