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Blog News letter
"We'll keep you posted on new certificates, where to find other free cool stuff and other ways to reward your students and staff"
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The Power of Positive Words
When my children were very little, I remember praising them for even the smallest accomplishment. I applauded them when they took a few steps, cheered when they put two puzzle pieces together, and told them how smart they were when they could count to ten. Still today, when I practice with my five-year-old in making the "L" sound correctly when he speaks, I tell him that it was "perfect!".

With my older children, however, I find myself having to make a more conscious effort to praise them. Perhaps it's because we have bigger behavioral issues to deal with, but I find myself going for days without giving....
Using Awards in Community Service
Community service is a very admirable accomplishment for anyone, whether they choose to do it on their own or if it's a requirement for school, work, or any other organization. No matter what, they deserve to be recognized for their efforts, because they're doing something that they're not getting paid for, and don't have to do. By using free awards and certificate template downloads, you can offer reward and recognition, motivation, and great gift giving ideas for all the volunteers in your life. Instead of spending a lot of money on gift baskets, gift certificates, or other rewards and gifts for volunteers, you can instead print awards and hand them out. These will also be more thoughtful, and leave a lasting impression on the recipient for many years to come...
Prize Bag for Preschoolers

Preschoolers like to be rewarded often, for completing their work, for following directions, or just for being kind to someone else in the class. You might provide small treats for your preschoolers, such as lollipops or tootsie rolls, but if giving them sugary candy is an issue, consider another way to reward them: let them choose a prize from the prize bag.

My prize bag is a large tote with a zippered top that I fill with all sorts of goodies. I purchased some of the little toys from the dollar store, things like bouncy balls, special pens,.....

Awards in the Workplace
Having employees who care about their jobs stems from having employers who care about their employees. Whether you're looking for employee motivation or employee recognition gifts, or even just a way to boost morale and leadership on the job, you can find free award and certificate template downloads that allow you to create fully customized documents that demonstrate your appreciation and the excellence of those who you are honoring. The best part is that the cost is much more affordable than fancy, expensive personalized gifts from corporate gift stores and other gift shops. And it doesn't matter whether you're awarding someone an excellence award for sales or just a congratulations for their anniversary with the company; there are all types of awards and certificates for every occasion you could imagine...
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