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Blog News letter
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Using Awards in Community Service
Community service is a very admirable accomplishment for anyone, whether they choose to do it on their own or if i's a requirement for school, work, or any other organization. No matter what, they deserve to be recognized for their efforts, because they're doing something that they're not getting paid for, and don't have to do. By using free awards and certificate template downloads, you can offer reward and recognition, motivation, and great gift giving ideas for all the volunteers in your life. Instead of spending a lot of money on gift baskets, gift certificates, or other rewards and gifts for volunteers, you can instead print awards and hand them out. These will also be more thoughtful, and leave a lasting impression on the recipient for many years to come.

It doesn't matter what aspect of community service or volunteerism you're involved in, reward and motivation for volunteers is essential to keeping them motivated and willing to excel in all that they do. Here are some great ways to give awards to volunteers to help them feel more accomplished and appreciated:

  • Set up a competition. Make a goal that all involved persons can achieve, and then offer a reward for whoever gets there first, or for everyone who achieves it. For example, charge people with the challenge of doing 20 hours of community service in a week, or even in two weeks. Then reward those who do. Or you could reward those that do the most activities, like volunteering with a different organization every day. By giving them the chance to explore, you might create lifelong volunteers once they realize all the options.

  • Pay attention to the volunteers that you're in charge of. Find people who take on leadership roles or become leaders, either within the group or by forging their own path. Reward them for their efforts, and do it publicly so that others will be encouraged to excel, as well.

  • Use awards to motivate people. Focus on people who are selfish and don't see the point in helping others. Find ways to appreciate and recognize others, so they can see how their efforts won't go unnoticed. You might inspire more people to give and donate their time and effort by showing how they'll be rewarded for their efforts in the end.
These are just a few ideas of how awards can be useful in the community service field. Even for those who are satisfied with simply giving of themselves and helping others, giving a reward or certificate for their efforts can be an extra bonus for them. It doesn't matter how or why you use free printable awards in the field of community service. They're easy to use, free to download and print and will always leave a lasting impression in the minds of all the recipients, whether they need that appreciation or not. You can find all types of awards, styles for every occasion, and even awards for no reason at all.

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